Wait a minute, I know an ABC Bachelor!

By Jane Bokun

Last Monday night I was watching television show, The Bachelor, and I thought, “wait a minute, I know one of these guys.”

Here’s the way it went: I met fellow Polish person and ABC Bachelor, Chris Bukowski.

That show did not do him justice. He is almost too pretty to behold (like many Polish people, ahem). With his blue green eyes, easy manner, and shiny, white teeth, women coming into Bracket Room Sports Lounge & Eatery in Chicago, might think Bukowski is one of the owners.

But, they surely wouldn’t think he was a Bachelor in Paradise contestant. In fact, Bukowski has been the ultimate Bachelor franchise contestant. He also has appeared on The Bachelorette and Bachelor Pad.

Now, Bukowski keeps a low profile, but is definitely is a force to be reckoned with his bar, Bracket Room close to the University of Illinois. The 30-year-old Bartlett, Il. native now splits his time between Los Angeles and Chicago. He said he has missed family and will be open for business in all areas because,” I’m married to my restaurant.”

Bukowski said he’ll be moving to Chicago full-time. The Bracket Room, which features outdoor patio seating, is at 1315 S. Halsted St. in Chicago.

“It was created to celebrate the popular NCAA Brackets that showcased friendly sports conjecture,” Bukowski said.

The bar is enclosed by glass garage doors, that open during the warmer months in Chicago. Inside, Bracket Room will offer a VIP area, that will supply bottle service for large parties.  There will also be late night entertainment including live music weekly.

Is Bukowski looking forward to finding love?

“Everywhere you go you take a chance,” he said

Bukowski met Katie Morton on the 6th season of Bachelor in Paradise. They got engaged on the show’s final episode. They have admitted to having a rocky relationship since filming ended, but neither are willing to give up on the relationship yet. They announced their break-up on December 10, 2019.

He is currently dating fellow Bachelor alum Katrina Badowski. Realizing that they have similar sounding last names, Katrina made up the “ship” name “The Owskis”.