Rejuvenating during COVID 19

By Jane Bokun

I’ve been stuck in the house during the pandemic, laid-off, and been prone to beating myself up everyday for moving back to my hometown to take care of my mother who died of cancer.

What I miss most about other cities I’ve lived in is spa access. Here, in Indiana, a spa day seems like a day you don’t have to fix your plow. There are no super relaxing, elegant spas that smell good and are handled by trained professionals.

That is until a little card came in the mail that has changed my tepid life here for the better. It’s called The Rejuvenation House Mega-Spa LLC and offers everything from my fave, Injectable Fillers (Juvederm, Restylane, etc.) to Botox which is used to treat wrinkles.

They even have the latest specialties like the Kardashian-type facials like micro-needling using your own blood platelets and putting them back in you own skin. I’m sure the Kardashians are way past this facial. They probably are using robot body parts to replace those that are imperfect. At The Rejuvenation House, I recommend starting with the signature facial before progressing to other treatments. It’s a great start for the over-50 who have not frequented spas, but should – even during a pandemic.

Ask for Bridney Hayes at The Rejuvenation House

The expert staff also use dermoplaning, oxygen facials, and much more. For men, they offer the Mancho Pack (with a side of brewski). This is an invigorating facial that includes skin script Charcoal Refining Mask that’s formulated with anti-microbial, skin detoxifying and pore cleansing ingredients. This massage is coupled with all-natural, plant-based Smokey lumberjack beard oil and balm.

During the pandemic, The Rejuvenation House takes great precautions to avoid any type of germ contact. Clients must call from their cars signaling they are ready for a spa treatment and are let in one at a time. Consultants wear masks, gloves and are always sanitizing. For more information or an appointment, call The Rejuvenation House at 219-515-2667 or access the website at http://www.rejuvenationhouse.com.