New BeBrielle CBD oil adds style along with health

By Jane Bokun

A new product tastes like maple syrup and packs a punch.

In fact, the CBD product is being brought to market by two female entrepreneurs who have found a new way to combine elegance and CBD oil in a probiotic combination called Brielle PROPRIETARY probiotic CBD OIL.

Samples are available. Go to BeBrielle.com.

Unlike other CBD oils, Brielle CBD Oil includes proven probiotic properties which aid in digestion and keep a healthy environment for the body. The product was aided in its creation by CEO Maria Smithson and her sister and company President Kate Smithson. Its uniquely designed bottle showcases a whole new look in the packaging of CBD oil.

Maria is based in Chicago after acceptance in the Illinois School of Professional Psychology’s Neuropsychology Doctoral program. She decided to pause pursuing her doctorate to start Brielle. Maria and Kate grew up culturing probiotics. They are from a family of medical doctors and their brother owns two CBD companies. Kate has a degree in behavioral analysis and a background as a wellness coordinator.

How does Brielle work?  Its proven properties ensure a healthier gut. For example, scientists noticed a while back that children with diarrhea had a different bacterial makeup of their digestive tract. Normally functioning, or good bacteria, prevents bad bacteria from taking root in our gut making us feel poorly. In extreme cases, such as E-coli breakouts, bad bacteria can be deadly.

Brielle uses 3rd party lab testing. Products are made from hemp exclusively grown in the United States. Unlike Brielle, the FDA recently found that only two of 24 CBD products contain the labelled ingredients. All Brielle products are lab tested because of the company’s commitment to medical excellence.

Brielle is located in Chicago. Right now the product is available for pre-orders. For more information access bebrielle.com.