Shot, shot, shot

By Jane Bokun

I’ll admit it. I’m scared to take the Covid-19 vaccine and so I thought I’d discuss it with you.

Here’s my problem, although I never thought I’d get to the age I am, I want to see how this all plays out. Maybe, like my father, I’ll never be ready to die. I try. I read books on death and what happens in the end (smile on the face). Even though I have an upcoming appointment to take the vaccine (April 1), I don’t want to be one of the several thousand people who have died of one of the Covid vaccines by the end of the week they took it.

The brave Eugene Pospychala

I’m pretty sure they didn’t want that either.

As a Christian, I should be ready to die, but I can’t wrap my head around what heaven is like. Is it like your first kiss, all warm and fuzzy, heady with the anticipation of more? Is it like when your mop-headed son forgets his lunch and when you drop it off at his grade school, you see he’s heading up his own little newscast and he’ll be following in your footsteps? Is it like when you know for sure someone loves and needs you and you don’t have to be all alone anymore?

I’ll bet it’s all that and more – and a bag of chips. But my incrementally small mind can’t conceive of it. One thing is for sure, my dad walked bravely to get his Moderna Covid 19 vaccine shot. Characteristically, he even joked about it. Afterwards, I sent my brother a note that said, Dad successfully got his shot, he’s a zombie now though.

Ha! There are many conspiracy theories out there about the shot. The vaccine is taking over your RNA/DNA, the disease isn’t real (no matter how many people die), and it will form millions of bots that will give away your information. I hope I don’t die from the shot AND it gives away my information. I’m kind of embarrassed about some of my information.

Anyway, I’m taking the shot on April 1 and that’s no joke. Let me know when you’re taking the Covid shot and how you faired. Maybe we can get together and take a shot of something less dangerous, but more liquidy and fun.