Professional headshots are always a yes

By Jane Bokun

The other day I was sitting in my new adult blowup pool (it has built-in, blow-up seats) that I got from Amazon and having a few cocktails. “I might need some headshots for something,” I thought.

So, I started clicking away on my iPhone and thought one looked particularly good so I posted it to social media. The next day when I got up, I actually saw what I posted — and was completely appalled. I looked like a drunk deer in a big, red hat.

That’s why I think we should always go professional with our headshots.

full body shot, sigh

I was dreading the process when I got in my car and drove to Thomas Photography in Chicago Heights last week. When I got there, I was pleasantly surprised by the friendly feel of the studio with calming colors and most of all, calming people.

The owners, a married couple, met me with a casual greeting and took me right away. I was nervous and not feeling overconfident about my looks as an older woman who ran out of money for Botox and fillers. It was not going to be pretty. Of that, I was sure.

I heard the bad news: there also was to be a full-body shot as well. OMG, could anything be worse than a full-body shot? Next, you’ll tell me it has to be in a string bikini. As a woman of a certain age, it’s not easy for me to understand today’s constant need to capture every moment in pictures. If only a professional could capture them for you.

For me, that professional was Thomas Photography.  They made me forget what I was there to do by asking me questions about my life. The owner even wrangled a smile out of me. The first few photos were taken with a chair (which I held in front of me with a death grip). Afterward, it was just me, but I didn’t mind because the chair prop actually helped me to relax and be myself.

The best thing about a photography session with Thomas is that by the end of it, you’re no longer nervous about the outcome. I was downright looking forward to the headshot. I will need a few hours for the body shot, but I’ll get to it.