Cute and truly outer space-comfortable high heels

By Jane Bokun

Even though most of the women I see have given up on high heels, and I have a broken back, I still want to wear them.


I am short and they level the playing field and best of all, they’re pretty. Have you ever checked out Manolo Blahnik shoes? Sometimes you can get them for a low as $59 dollars at Nordstrom Rack stores. I bought them and had to give them away to a friend of mine who works at the White House (a woman friend). They were beautiful, but not comfortable enough for me. I even tried only wearing them to my car and having help to get out of it. But, alas, I need to be comfortable.


Dolly Singh by Felix Magazine

Hopefully, I found a solution. Years ago, I did a story on Dolly Singh for Felix Magazine out of Chicago. Singh is a beautiful former Elon Musk SpaceX employee. She knew the deal. Women need a stunning and comfy high heel that we can wear ANY WEAR. Before her interest in creating the perfect high heels, Singh was that Space X executive recruiter. She now has a company called Thesis Couture. According to the Wall Street Journal, the shoes look somewhat like the design of Jimmy Choo designer shoes. A quick look at the Thesis Couture website will tell you the shoes beautiful and great for a wedding – wearing cute shoes all night, not taking them off and going barefoot with the possibility of athlete’s foot. They are comfortable because they have been designed by true engineers and have been redesigned for comfort. What’s the secret? According to the website, “traditional high heels are built around a single, thin metal strut called a shank, and a compressed cardboard insole, this core architecture results in relatively poor structural support. The Thesis LIFT is engineered to better support the foot and body at large, using structural design and advanced materials. With LIFT, Thesis stilettos feel and function like wedges. In a traditional 4 inch/ 100mm high heel, the average person will have 80%+ of their body weight on their forefoot and toes; with Thesis LIFT, the center of gravity is closer to a natural state. The result is shoes that feel better, wear longer, and distract less.” The website is at https://thesiscouture.com. See if we can pool our money and get some comfy, beautiful shoes.