Banana Peel: it means asking the things that made you afraid

Everyone knows that life goes in stages and for me, I don’t want to stop the fun part of that scenario. I still like to look presentable and try all the new things that are open to women my age, under my age and beyond my age.

This blog, “Banana Peel,” will try its best to let everyone in on the joke or the poignancy of getting older. I was recently visiting my mother who is going through physical therapy in an upscale nursing home and saw a woman in the hallway parked in a wheelchair. It was clear she was not happy and not afraid to show it.

“Stop moving me around,” the woman said. “I can do what I want. I’m a grown ass woman and I’ll kick your ass.”

I want all of us to stop looking down at the latest project management software that’s destined to change our lives with a healthier bottom line and really think about kicking some ass. Life is a roller coaster and I don’t want to let fear keep me off it, even if roller coasters can make me sick. There are new things to try like Botox (again), fillers (I have a mouth of a sewn-up rag doll and I don’t know how that happened), face lifts, butt lifts, cryogenics, wave therapy, meditation and of course, anal sex (again).

There’s other things too. I’m a former scrappy journalist who has covered everything. I don’t want to stop now. I want to know about the latest foods and what to do when you’re stuck in London or Miami with hardly any money. I want to find out about the latest clothing for everyone. Like any good journalist, I want to know what’s happening with you, too?

So let me know what you want to see in Banana Peel. It’s your blog and I’m not afraid to go all in. Next up in Banana Peel will be eyelash extensions. Why did mine fall off within three days? Why has one stubbornly stuck on my eyelashes? Is it the only who felt at home on my eyelashes?