Adding Eyelashes As We Age

By Jane Bokun

People are vain and probably I’m one of the vainest. Even when we’re sick, or going through an operation, we want to wake up to a face we sort of like. We also like to wake up alive, but that’s another story. Enter the latest trend for women going through a surgery: everything will be fine if you just wake up with your eyelash extensions intact.

Patricia Carrillo, who owns Blush Boutique in Indiana, knows that need all too well. Carrillo recently had eyelash extensions put on her lashes because she tested positive for the BRCA1 gene (a test indicating a possibility of hereditary breast cancer) and was going through surgery.

“When I woke up, I looked good,” she says. “It made me feel better.”

These are my eyelash extensions before they abandoned me on Day 2.

Even before the surgery, her nurse assured her there were be no tampering with her full, lush come-hither set of eyelashes.

“I got you girl,” Carrillo said her nurse told her with a knowing thumbs up.

At Ulta Beauty, a fun store that provides all kinds of beauty products, lashes are truly a big deal as Crystal Martin of Benefit Cosmetics can attest.

“Some people can’t live without them,” Martin says.

For myself, I thought they would be great. I wanted to wake up and not hate myself or my looks quite as much, so I went and had lash extensions put on at a cost of $80. For once, I also wanted my mascara not to smear and make me look like a drug addict who hadn’t yet gone home to wash their face. The new lashes landed up all falling off my eyes within three days – except for one. I will miss the one that stayed around for about three weeks. Sadly, it too abandoned my eyes like the last leaf of summer.

Do you know about an eyelash extension that will last on your eyelids for more than a week? Please let me know on this blog?  Although now I am saving for non-surgical neck treatments instead. Sigh, there’s just so much to do on an 800,000 mile tune-up.