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What makes turkey even better?Angel’s Envy bourbon

By Jane Bokun

Wes Henderson is talking on the phone from his car while he contemplates pulling over and helping with a traffic incident on the road.

Henderson is what people would call a multiple threat. He’s a volunteer fire fighter and part of a family that has successfully distilled a premium bourbon called Angel’s Envy. Henderson is part of a company that began when Wes, his late father Lincoln, and his oldest son Kyle, had the idea to make a good, quality bourbon that is made in Louisville.  It would be a new kind of whiskey, made in the U.S. and finished in ruby port barrels made from French oak and imported directly from Portugal.

Give Bourbon a second look

“Dad was happy to come out of retirement to work with us,” Wes says.

It worked. The family’s $27 million state-of-the-art facility, which sits in downtown Louisville, was a dream the Henderson family finally achieved after 12 years.  It’s taken off too, with many followers.

“Great stories go hand in hand with bourbon,” Wes says about his obsession with great bourbon.

Angel’s Envy is unique as well as smooth tasting.  The handcrafted, quality bourbon is finished in used port barrels.  Wes’ father Lincoln was a legend in the industry, having worked at Brown-Forman for more than 40 years and who is often credited with developing Woodford Reserve.

“He liked to try things that were unique,” Wes says. “The reason Angel’s Envy is finished in port wine barrels is that gives it some interesting characteristics.”

Lincoln died in 2013, but with his fine-tuning finesse, Angel’s Envy had already become a popular bourbon brand not only in Louisville, but around the country.

The bourbon company has no national advertising. It can be found at Binny’s Liquor’s in Chicago.

“It’s harder to get, you have to search for it,” Wes says.

According to, “The finish is medium, warm. Reminiscent of snickerdoodles, the finish leaves the drinker wanting more of the same.”

Angel’s Envy launched in 2011. It sells for approximately $45-50 per 750 mL bottle. For more information access