No Brainer gifts

By Jane Bokun

I’d long forgotten the times when I relied on my wristwatch to tell the time.

Nowadays time is displayed everywhere, in smartphones, smartwatches, laptops and tablets, on the metro station, even on the dashboard of your car. In a world filled with high definition screens, time telling is pretty much easy at any time. That being said, who doesn’t like a beautiful timepiece that they can access just by picking up their hand?  I found an inexpensive award-winning watch out of London, England called Divestum. It looks a lot like a Movado watch and is really elegant, just in time for Christmas or Me Day, another new holiday (lol).

When I got the watch, I thought, why not? I’m going to try wearing a sleek, cool watch again. I found out I like it. In fact, I have a hard time taking it off and that’s not just because I never remember to take it off. I like the satisfying feeling of knowing I’ll never be late for things. It’s a tactile experience and in the Divestum watch it’s even tactilier.

There’s a band that feels like butter with a blackface and gold lettering. Even the little holes on the band are made square and not in circles to fit the square watch band holes better.

It’s more than time telling. It’s a statement.

I’m proud to wear them because they are really pretty minimal design watches. The watches can be found at https://divestum.com/?ref=pjgel7nsnxvc. I negotiated an even better price for you. Just put in this code for 20% off that can be shared online: JANEBO20

Thanks so much. I’m sure you’re going to love it.