Free Pie for National Pie Day

By Jane Bokun

I may love pie more than anything. Especially now, when there are no parties, movies, big gatherings or anything, really.

My true love is cherry pie and I’m sharing that truly bit of personal info because it’s National Pie Day, yay!

Who started this sublime holiday, you ask? A guy named Charlie Papazian, an engineer, teacher and home-brewing expert who loved pie so much he declared his own birthday to be National Pie Day. Since 1986, National Pie Day has taken place every year and is sponsored by the American Pie Council.

That said, these are the restaurants that are celebrating this auspicious day. They include Baker’s Square, Red Robin, where you can get a free slice and more. Shari’s Pies and Village Inn also offer pie for the holiday.

Aunt Jane’s sucky cherry pie

In honor of National Pie Day, I am making a cherry pie. I seem to have trouble making crust though. In fact, I would love to be able to make a nice, flaky, yummy crust. But, even though I follow each recipe, my crusts taste like old, left out in the rain, cardboard.

Help me dear readers, do you make your own pie crust? I would love to know the secret. Please share it with me on this blog page at http://www.bpeeled.com. Hit blog on the menu and thanks for sharing your secret!