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Mouth-watering designer duds at affordable prices

By Jane Bokun

One of the most popular new and used clothing stores in Indiana will soon celebrate six years in business.

The reason for the boutique’s success is fairly easy to deduce: it’s fabulous fashion with high end labels and affordable prices,” says Diane Gross, who owns Eco Chic Boutique along with her friend Trish Caruso.

Eco Chic Boutique owners

The two women met while they were young mothers with entrepreneurial goals thinking of a series of money-making ideas such as the Perfect Playhouse. When the kids were grown, both women decided to start a clothing boutique in Dyer, Indiana. Originally, Caruso was a hair dresser who owned her own shop, and Gross was an administrative legal assistant.

Now, they are like a family. If there’s a problem, they work it out. So far, in the light-colored, 4,000-square-foot pristine boutique, it’s working with both new and used designer clothing, jewelry, shoes, and even accessories like a fascinator hat. There are multiple sizes including plus sizes for women who want basic tops, casual, work wear or party clothes. The shop recently opened up a new department for mothers of the bride or groom that offers better labels in gowns, dresses and more.

The boutique takes in clothing including Chico’s, Anne Taylor, and even St. John knits by appointment. Prices are based on both condition and label. Some of the labels are from places as far away as Italy or Paris. It’s the prices that keep customers and consignors coming back.

Designer Duds

One customer named Maria says she shops for all her clothes at Eco Chic and often recommends the personalized customer service to her friends.


Both Gross and Caruso are constantly talking to new customers and guiding them towards complete outfits for any occasion. Maria says every stitch of clothing she’s wearing comes from Eco Chic.

“I was just going out to the pharmacy, but I thought I had to stop in Eco Chic Boutique,” she says.

The store used to have painting parties and comedy shows, but now has taken a turn toward the clothing women want to have.

They get along, Caruso says, like an old, married couple.

“There’s a lot of give and take,” Gross agrees.