Uplifting Lipstick

By Jane Bokun

I’m the kind of person you’ll always find wearing her lipstick. I layer it on all day and it makes me feel like I can fool the world into thinking I look a little better.

Lately, it’s bordering on obsession. I’m looking for minty, creamy lipsticks that will stay on all day and look as fresh as if the lips I’m layering are natural. It isn’t easy pretending your lips are always vibrant red or even pugnacious purple. I keep a tube in my pocket and have been known to secretly scrape some off the top and rub my hand secretly across my lips when I think no one is looking.

This obsession started because I am currently somewhat out of funds. I’ve heard that lipstick is always popular when women are tapped out. Rich? They buy a real Louis Vuitton purse or pair of shoes – and some Botox. Poor? It’s a tube of lipstick.

-Any woman anywhere

My choice of lipstick recently has been Color The World Lipstick at http://www.colortheworld.com. This lipstick feels great, is creamy, and doesn’t feather on your wrinkled lips. Doesn’t feather on your wrinkled lips? That’s a miracle indeed. I always overshoot my lips and look like a deranged doppelganger for Lucille Ball, and I like it that way. The thing I also like is the company gives back 10 % of its profits to causes such as Empowered – helping depression and one called Rose that gives to the save the sea turtles movement. I tried Empowered and the lipstick’s creaminess and long lasting wear won me over. It doesn’t always help my weird, wrinkly lips, but, you can’t have everything. It’s best that I don’t notice the wrinkles when I’m wearing Empowered. I feel kind of empowered.

Lipstick is a great way to do your part for self care. It’s fairly inexpensive, about $10, and a real face changer.

Others agree. Some women say the self-esteem boost of adding color to their faces makes them feel accomplished.

It’s more a great way to be nice to yourself and feel great before a day of fighting ageism, your husband and kids.