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Get the walk-in bath you deserve

By Jane Bokun

When my father was sick and couldn’t bath as well as before, he wanted a beautiful walk-in tub.

We would see commercial after commercial for these unique walk-in tubs, but we never got around to buying it. That was a lost opportunity because he died shortly after slipping in his old, slippery shower and hitting his head.

It was heartbreaking finding him encased in shattered glass and it didn’t have to be. Now, it’s easy to get walk-in tubs, and accessibility solutions through long-time AAA-rated, family-owned Zeller NWI Baths. The family are home tub and shower install experts who know everything about the industry.

Servicing Northwest Indiana and the Chicago Southland, Zeller NWI Baths go the extra mile. For example, the company’s shower products feature grab bars and handrails that meet or exceed all ADA standards. The modern shower heads are adjustable and can be raised or lowered on the wall along with a shower bar fixture.

They’re a hit with families like the Morrisons who gave their convenient shower walk-in remodel five stars.

“We’re so happy with our new shower,” says Rick Morrison with a cheeky grin.

NWI Baths offers tub to shower conversions that feature slip resistant, built-in mats and a lower threshold for safe and easy entering. This is a great fixture because according to experts, for nearly a quarter of a million Americans bathing and showering appears to be particularly dangerous. Overall, about two-thirds of accidental injuries happen in the bathtub or shower — which makes sense, because each can become slippery.

NWI Baths offer a safe walk-through insert for existing tubs. The company increases safe and easy entering of the bathtub. It is a fraction of the cost to do a tub to shower conversion. There also is a removable insert that clicks and seals itself with a watertight seal.

Manufacturing for the company’s acrylic lining system is made in Libertyville, IL. Its easy to clean with Dawn.

As for the standard walk-in tubs that my father needed, anyone with or without a disability can remain independent longer by taking baths. Best of all, you won’t get burned because there is a digital thermometer mounted on the tub.

To change your bathroom and find the luxury you deserve call NWI Baths at 219-365-8627.